Acoustic Isolation

Thermal Isolation

With all the data obtained from the simulation,
the surface thermal resistance value is:


The value of the transmittance for separation from the outside is:


Dividing Walls TC7+MA+LM+MA+TC9

Partition made of two plasterboard sheets reinforced with fibers: a 70 mm TC7 and a 90 mm TC9 sheets separated by a 50 mm thick chamber in which two 2 mm and 3,25 kg/m2 acoustic diaphragms are placed separated by a layer of mineral wool of 40 mm and 50 kg/m2.


At the joints of the panels with the walls or other building elements (pillars, facade, etc.) 15 mm polystyrene elasticized bands are set, except in the ground, where a bilayer product made up of a high density adhesive membrane and a crosslinked polyethylene thermo-welding of 3.35 kg/m2 weight and 5 mm thick is placed.