1st spanish enterprise in implementing its products in BIM technology

From December the 3rd the whole PanelSystem® product family will be available in BIMobject for Autodesk Revit and Autocad. In short time  the designs in ArchiCAD will be available too.

BIM technology its a powerful tool in such fields as architecture or facility management because it not only implements the design in the object but also real information about it (weight, thermal isolation, acoustic isolation…) to provide the necessary computations. Every product in BIMobject portal is a real product with real data and the download is free.

You just need to enter in http://bimobject.com and register as a user. From there you can access the whole PanelSystem® family product along with other 1.500 family product. Redit plugin can also be downloaded from this web site in order to integrate the access to all this products from this application. Autocad plugin can be downloaded from http://www.autodesk.es/ but soon it will be available form BIMobject too.

The manufacturer list who had implemented their product in BIM technology grows every day due to the high demand in the market and among them we can find enterprises like 3M, Belux, Grohe, Miele, Velux… and from now on PanelSystem®.

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