A reference un luxury dwellings

In PanelSystem® we have put our technology and knowledge in developing a system that could fulfill the needs of a competitive market, in which the traditional systems simply doesn’t fit anymore. This needs are especially more demanding in the luxury dwelling market in which our system has been able to achieve the highest expectations.

captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-11-a-las-17-42-32 Thats why progressively more and more luxury housing constructors and promoters count on our technical team to develop their most important projects. Architecture studios like Svam Arquitectos y Consultores, to whom we have executed 28 luxury detached dwellings, or Dicam constructors to whom we have done the internal dividing work for a bioclimatic luxury detached house that has been finalist at the Breeam awards.

f-hdTouza Arquitectos, AM Arquitectura, Medinasa, Urcasa, Mtres Studio, BD+U, Teginser, Dragados, Ferrovial, Alza obras y Servicios, are other architects, promoters and constructors in the luxury market whom we are proud of having worked with and make their great projects possible.


Listed below some references of the latest works we have done:


Dwellings No.



Domo Gestión 221 Ferrovial Eai Arquitectura S.L.P.
Enfermería Habitat 29 Avintia Touza Arquitectos
Enfermería Habitat 59 Avintia Touza Arquitectos
Princess Hotels 129 Room Hotel ****s Arcummanagement Arcummanagement
Patronato M. de la Vivienda 83 Isoluxcorsan Enric Massip-bosch
Mirador de Montecarmelo 28 Luxury Dwellings Svam Arquitectos y Consultores
Dicam Casas Bioclimaticas Luxury Bioclimatic House Dicam Dicam
Hercesa 4 Houses Hercesa Solano & Catalán
Arzobispado De Madrid Colegio San Ignacio De Loyola Acciona Cristina del Río Vilegas
Medinasa 5 Luxury Houses Medinasa Medinasa
Hercesa 8+5 Hercesa Solano & Catalán
Medina Asociados Luxury House Medina Asociados Enrique Medina
Gesarqus 87 Amenabar Julio Zumarraga
Urcasa 23 Luxury Houses Urcasa Bd+U
6 Bioclimatic Dwellings
Hotel Dorado Playa 300 Rooms Hotel *** Elecnor Antonio Batlle Caravaca
Super Luxury House Moraleja Alza Touza Arquitectos
Puerta de Mirasierra 29 Dwellings Carabanchel Alza Abelardo Montero
Top Gestion Madrid 24 Dwellings Usera Touza Arquitectos Touza Arquitectos
Urbanismo y Gestion 6 + 8 + 10 Houses Leganés Velasco Obras y Servicios Abelardo Montero
Momentum 11 Luxury Dwellings Aravaca Teginser Mtres Studio
Domo Gestión 199 Dragados Touza Arquitectos
Luxury House Alza obras y Servicios Touza Arquitectos
Gestesa 22 Luxury Dwellings Arpada Cima Proyectos
Hi Realstate 87 Hercesa Catalan & Solano
Momentum 72 Luxury Dwellings Constructora Dragados Touza Arquitectos


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