Artistic Temporary Facilities Contest «Create-Catch a Space»

To carry out the construction of the virtual space of 2 x 2 x 2 m we will provide you with PanelSystem ® TC7 partitions of our tongue and groove indoor partition system and specific glue.

Esquema del tabique TC7






• Safety glasses
• Mask
• Gloves
• Saw or manual cutting saw knife
• Bucket for carrying glue
• Utensil for mixing glue
• Trowel or spatula for applying glue on the wall
• Beaker

1º Mix 8 kg of powdered glue with 5.6 liters of water.
2º After the mixture is allowed to stand for 3 minutes.
3º To perform an adhesive in good conditions, it will beat the mixture between water and cement powder from 2.5 to 3 minutes.



Esquema de unión de paneles TC7 de PanelSystem®1. PANEL JOINTS
The Joint is made by direct gluing, applied on the edge of the male and female fitting off the next partition. Alignment of partitions is checked by a rule/guide on the stakeout.



Unión de esquina o en "T" de PanelSystem®2. CORNER OR “T” JOINTS
Partitions are glued to the already placed through a female edge of a cut.




Esquema de rozas de PanelSystem®3. WALL CHANNELS
After marking and routing, electricity boxes and insertion are set. In that quickly and easy way, one of the biggest disadvantages of traditional brick is replaced. Then comes the covering and finishing.



Esquema de vendas en PanelSystem@4. BANDAGES
They are applied in expansion joints, door headers, ceilings, pillars an other elements to prevent any damage. Bands are embedded around 2mm and placed with a flexible paste and microperforated paper bandage.



Esquema de acabado en tabiquería PanelSystem®5. FINISHING
Joints are flattened and smoothed with glue or finish paste. The surfaces are perfectly smooth and leveled, flawless and ready to be painted or covered.



You can find more information about installation process:


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