Hi! Real State and Urcasa trust in PanelSystem@

urcasa_carcavasII_08Hi! Real State and Urcasa, has trusted once again in PanelSystem® for the realization of the inddor partition works of their most important works.

1275053The works for  Hi! Real State it’s a promotion of high quality dwellings inside a sophisticated complex located in Av. Miguel de Unamuno in Alcalá de Henares. One family houses with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms with terrace, first floor with terrace, all of them with garage and storage. In this proyect Hi! Real State has put all their knowledge, creativity and technology to guarantee the highest confort and well-being for its dwellers.

urcasa_carcavasII_05Urcasa has projected a complex of 16 exclusive dwellings with an avant-garde design at the young town of Villanueva de la Cañada, in witch there has been put all efforts to have the highest qualities to start a new style of living. Materials such as travertino marvel has been used to highlight the tilled plane architecture, alongside with radiant-floor heating system and of course, for the indoor partition they relayed in the experience and technology of PanelSystem®.

In PanelSystem®  we are very proud of being able to satisfy the high ACOUSTIC and THERMICAL output that this kind of buildings are demanding.

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