PanelSystem® carries out the most wanted residential work in Madrid.

0ff59951bccb068f5c4dc78d1492f4faAbout 1 mile away from the legendary Cuzco round in Madrid, surrounded by Guatemala St., Alfonso XIII St., Paraguay St. and Puerto Rico St. the works of the most wanted residential work in Madrid are taking place. A great promotion of 228 dwellings that, not only was 100% covered before the works even started, but it also has a waiting list of 100 people wishing some of the buyers gives up to get access to one of the 228 dwellings.
The work was ordered to Domo Gestora de Viviendas by cooperative ‘Cooperativa EAI 310’ formed by families from the neighbourhood who needed bigger dwellings. The land owned by Madrid City Hall was acquaired and the works are being realised by the famous building company Ferrovial who ordered the partition works to PanelSystem® taking advantage of the special characteristics of our unique partition system.

We at PanelSystem® are really proud of being chosen once again for the realization of such an important work. 810d7d051fb771d2409a13f40bdc7bcb

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