We have achieved an A in the most demanding tests of sound insulation

On May 27 there was a acoustic measurement in-situ in the work 174 Housing EMVS Madrid, located in Calle Arroyo of Bulera No. 11 and 13 which PanelSystem ® has been responsible for the works of interior partition walls .

The measurement results could not be better, once again we have overcome the technical code for acoustic insulation. Measurements taken between two adjoining rooms for two rooms with kitchen separated by a party SS7, SS9 have resulted in an acoustic medium of 59.6 dBA, being the minimum required by the DBHR of 50 dBA. Arriving in isolation frequencies up to 83.3 dBA.

Once again is demonstrated the superiority of PanelSystem ® system partition from competition, far exceeding the harsh demands of the current code.

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